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A relaxed dinner with friends and family is one of life?s simple, yet most rewarding, pleasures. Therefore, finding the right dining table is a must. The Hygge combines an elegant form with the natural grain of solid teak to offer a beautiful surface on which to serve your favourite dishes. The Hygge is also built to stand the test of time allowing you to make the most of hosting for years to come.
Style tip: don?t hide the grain of the wood with a tablecloth, instead dress with Scandinavian inspired earthenware. Natural and nurtured. Hygge is crafted from the finest solid teak. Simply finished to reveal the wood?s grain and patterning, every twist and knot not only tells a story but makes each piece in the collection completely unique. Showcasing designs from both Provence and Halifax, Hygge is unfussy style for your home.

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Weight 96.29 kg
Dimensions 100 × 280 × 78 cm


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